Why Write a Resume?
• Your resume is a personal pitch intended to persuade a potential employer that you are the best person to do the job. Think of it as a marketing tool that you use to sell yourself to a company.
• A resume helps you keep track of your professional experience and skills you have acquired. Always keep it updated.
• “Resumes open doors to job interviews; interviews open doors to jobs.”

First-Rate Resumes
The average resume is reviewed for less than 30 seconds. First-rate resumes have a good format, content, and winning target words. A resume targeted to a company’s needs or a specific job will get the attention of an employer faster than a general one. Remember to focus on accomplishments and not just tasks. The most important aspect is to always PROOFREAD for spelling and grammar errors

Format (Three Types)
Chronological: This is the most common type. It begins with the most recent or current job listed first in the Work Experience section. It is best for job seekers who have advanced through one field and do not have long gaps in employment.
Functional: The attention is focused more on the skills developed at different jobs. The dates of employment play a minor role. This is suitable for career changers, and mature professionals with a various experiences.
Combination: Putting things in chronological order, but emphasizing skills like one would with a functional resume. 
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